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Dataloger WS 981

Dataloger WS 981

This apparatus enables to observe and save to memory data from four analogue entries: entry for ultrasound sensor, entry for precipitation sensor, and entry for sensor of wind velocity and direction. It is possible to set parameters and type of connected recorder for each entry. It is also possible to watch reached and exceeded adjusted values of arbitrary entry and thereby switch relay contacts or start acoustic signalization. For two arbitrary entries can be added passive galvanically separated analogue exists.

Keyboard or series port RS 232 with supplied program are used for its control. The apparatus has its own storage battery which ensures at least 16 hr. of continuous operation.

List of supplied sensors suitable for usage together with WS 981 station:

  • Temperature-sensor T 97
  • Temperature-sensor T 97/VENT
  • Humidity-sensor H 982
  • Combination sensor temperature-humidity T 97/H 982
  • Combination sensor temperature-humidity T 97/Pt 100
  • Exposure-sensor LUX 97
  • Pressure-sensor - abs. pressure
  • Sensor - indicator of precipitation R 98

Sensors written above have standard analogue exit. 4 - 20 mA. It is possible to provide different exit according to order. Covering of sensors IP 55 (IP 65). They are used to be mounted on wall.

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