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Anemometer AN 955 - electronic type

Anemometer AN 955 - electronic type

Anemometer 955 - electronic type, serves in the connection with dataloger WS 981 for measurement and registration of wind velocity and direction.

Values of both quantities can be deducted directly on the display of dataloger or saved and transferred on PC.

It is possible to adjust an indication of exceeding quantity and activate the in-built relay.

Sensor of anemometer is heated in order to increase resistance against icing.

Measuring extent 0 - 50 m/s, 0 - 360°
Sensitivity threshold 0,1 m/s
Accuracy < 5 m/s ±0.5 m/s
> 5 m/s ±0.25 m/s ±5% V measured
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